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Warfighter Coffee Shop is dedicated to outputting systems and information to benefit the American Warfighter. We are focused on the individual Marine, Sailor, Soldier or Airman and plan to improve American Warfighting by creating products and services that improve individuals and small units. As our products overlap with civilian markets we will output the best products to these markets within American security concerns.

The goal of Warfighter Coffee Shop is to exploit the lightweight flexibility of a decentralized small business to be able to provide Warfighters with products that improve their lethality. Being from the Marine Corps Maneuver Warfare school of thought, Warfighter Coffee Shop intends to provide this coverage by focusing on the individual Warfighter and small-units. Our first product – a supplement to improve brain function and decision-making displays this focus on the individual Warfighter.

This Warfighter focus does not mean civilian-types do not have a place in the Warfighter Coffee Shop brand. We as a group would like to do as much as possible to bridge the civil-military divide and support Americans with our products. The American military is nothing without America – from sea to shining sea. Warfighter Coffee Shop would also like to take the best of civilian world ideas and research and use those tools to support Warfighters.

If you would like to ask us anything please send an email to: contact@warfightercoffeeshop.com

You can also interact with us via Facebook, Twitter (@WarfighterCS), or LinkedIn for news and updates, or to just support the cause.

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