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Bacopa Monnieri

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Bacopa Monnieri: the crazy memory improving herb

Bacopa Monnieri is the extract from an Indian plant known as Brahmi. It was used in traditional Indian medicine to treat conditions like epilepsy and asthma. More recent research uncovered the nootropic effect of the herb. Bacopa is a strong component of Warheads on Foreheads. Unfortunately Bacopa is also one of the slowest acting components. The results of a study “B. monniera significantly improved speed of visual information processing measured by the IT task, learning rate and memory consolidation… and state anxiety… compared to placebo, with maximal effects evident after 12 weeks.” (Strong, et al. 2001)

A note on time and effectiveness

Bacopa Monnieri takes over a month to start working. The primary method of action is an increase in the nerve ending growth in your brain – this enables increased transmission and thinking. These new nerve endings do not pop up overnight. You start to see optimum effects after 12 weeks of use.

Bacopa Monnieri in the development process

Bacopa was one of the last components to be integrated into Warheads on Foreheads. As Warfighter Coffee Shop’s chief formulator and guinea pig, I had the pleasure of testing Bacopa at many doses and under many circumstances. First off, when not bonded and in a pill Bacopa Monnieri concentrate tastes like straight dirty pond water. In pill form the taste problem was completely erased. Within the first four weeks I noticed a quick rise in memory recall and formation. Within the optimal twelve weeks my memory had massively improved. I had just hit that peak during a good Twentynine Palms field testing cycle (For the uninitiated ITX is a fairly challenging military training exercise in a burning desert). During a large-scale fire and maneuver exercise, I noted that I could track far more moving parts than ever before. Extremely handy stuff.

What Bacopa Monnieri does

Bacopa has two major Nootropic effects:

  • Bacopa is an adaptogen, meaning it decreases your stress and anxiety. This is handy in a nootropic, as WHOF without Bacopa and GABA, could produce an overkill effect in the focus and motivation chains. Bacopa and GABA tie the improvements from WHOF back into the Serotonin system (which makes you happy and content – not a good system to break).
  • Bacopa improves the rate of nerve ending growth. This allows your whole brain to operate better. This better operation is particularly observable in the memory formation and retention functions. This adds a triple effect by WHOF in the cholinergic and dopaminergic systems. Making WHOF a very potent nootropic, worth more than the sum of its parts.

Can Bacopa Monnieri hurt me?

Likely no; a list of possible interactions from a quick internet search: slower heart rate, Gastrointestinal tract blockage, Ulcers, Lung Secretion, Thyroid condition complication and Urinary tract obstruction. (WebMD n.d.) Funny thing about those listed side effects, Bacopa was used to treat stomach ulcers and asthma in traditional Indian medicine. The slower heart rate is balanced by NALT and L-Phenylalanine in Warheads on Foreheads. None of these problems were experienced by WHOF testers. GABA helps with the Gastrointestinal tract blockage.

The real danger here (and with WHOF in general) is with Thyroid conditions. We highly recommend you do not take WHOF if you have a Thyroid condition.

How do I obtain Bacopa Monnieri?

A quick amazon search will get you what you need. I recommend NOW Foods for Bacopa Monnieri pills. The most effective option is powdered concentrate – but it tastes like dirty pondwater. Obviously, we recommend our supplement Warheads on Foreheads. Our supplement synergizes other Nootropics with Bacopa taking all the guesswork out of the puzzle for you.



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