Reservists – A Good Piece of Gear

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Marine Reservists in Snow

The comments in this article reflect the view of the writer alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Warfighter Coffee Shop. Stepping outside of the business of selling supplements for a moment. Let’s talk about a dirty subject: Reservists. Some background: I started my career as an active duty Marine with 2nd Battalion … Read more…

Warfighting and Business – Friction

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The field of warfighting is full of words that do not translate well into “civilian”. An example: recently I was in a conversation and wanted to ensure the other conversant knew I understood what they were saying and took responsibility for acting upon that knowledge. This word for this is “tracking”, this did not translate … Read more…

Warfighting and Business – War Defined

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Note: for this entire series we are directly borrowing from and copying the flow of Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1 “Warfighting”. The perception of what war is and isn’t covers a broad spectrum. Some view war as a mechanical affair stripped entirely of humanity with people acting as robots trying to kill each other. Some … Read more…