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MREs and UGRs do not provide sufficient nutrition and neither do the diets of most people. The big problem is brains; brains use a lot of nutrients. Brains are also involved with everything we do and every decision we make. We all know what a few days of low sleep and crappy eating combined with high activity do to our mental processes. It increases the inherent “friction” you experience in doing anything. The problem is that if you happen to be involved in the Grunt life there is no removing these stressors — only training yourself to adapt.

There is one side of the equation you can control: what fuel you give your body. Chow is continuous and essential. Try taking the fuel out of your vehicle or the power out of your computer and making them do work. Your body is similar but more adaptive. But what is the long term effect of pushing your body without a balanced fuel and the added disruption of low sleep? A lot of no good.

WCS is working on a solution to this problem combined with an overall mental performance booster. There is a whole category of these supplements used in the school and business world called “Nootropics” and they work well enough to be another useful weapon in the kit.

The writer of this article has been the primary test subject and definitely recommends the current product after dozens of tests. The plan is to have this available by late September.

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