WHOF Review

WHOF Detailed Review

Questionnaire on your WHOF experience. All detailed questions have a required drop down box and a comments section.
  • Backround

  • If you have lost the code complete the form without the code. It is very useful to the evaluators if you do have the code.
  • Not required: useful for putting comments into context.
  • Focus

  • Pick an option
  • Energy and Motivation

  • Pick an option
  • Memory

  • Pick an option
  • Problem Solving Flexibility

  • Pick an option
  • Sleep

  • Pick an option
  • Stability

  • Do you have more control over your responses to events?
  • Marksmanship

  • Pick an option
  • Physical Fitness

  • Pick an option
  • General Comments

  • Any saved rounds?
  • Product questions

    These questions are not required in the review
  • Will send a discount code for if you choose to order WHOF. If you allow us to contact you we may contact about any comments you made. You will not get any spam mail and the email will not be passed anywhere else.